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The cheerful main character of the popular manga and anime, Card Captor Sakura by CLAMP.
Sakura Kinomoto is such a cute character!
by Steph January 10, 2004

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Sakura is that very powerful and determined Master of the Sakura Cards the she created from the Clow Cards. She is a cheerful, pleasant, and kind person. One could describe her as PERFECT!!
For an example, please watch an episode of Cardcaptors, or Cardcaptor Sakura. In these fantasic and wonderful anime shows, Sakura Kinomoto is the star!!
by Master_Sakura January 19, 2006
Sakura is the best!!!! I know this isn't a deffinition but I couldn't help it. I LOVE Cardcaptors and Cardcaptor Sakura!!!!!! CARDCAPTORS!!!!!!!!!!!!;D
by Sakura Kinomoto January 12, 2005