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A bad-ass person. It is also a way to describe things. Saiyanmastermind, if used correctly, can make others orgasm.
Girl: You're so saiyanmastermind...*Orgasm*

Guy: That's saiyanmastermind! *Jizzes*

Alien: DSAsadlsjasodasiiqwsa!!?! *jizzes*
by BlazingBlazemaster December 31, 2012
A bad ass person. Everyone orgasms at the sight of him. You always wanna be his friend.
Girl: Is that saiyanmastermind? *Orgasms*

Guy: Is that saiyanmastermind? *Jizzes*

Alien: Is that saiyanmastermind? *Jizzes*
by BlazingBlazemaster December 31, 2012
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