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Anonymous SailingAnarchy whiner who displays poor taste, bad judgment and who spreads outrageous theories based on hearsay, innuendo, parody and lies. To expand on a phrase: Each whiner is totally fucking ridiculous.
Each whiner are a sailinganarchyasshole.
RobinCrusoe: what really happened is the forestay...
WuWei(Chris): to the fact Reid is a moron
aseawolf: Cheesus, not only are you an asshole but you're an uninformed asshole
Timmy-Trick_Turkey: "bend over and show me the void, ho..."
Nautigirl: Characteristics of a cult leader
Sailflat(Doug): notifying the rescue services that the cheese scow is missing or in distress
by Regatta Dogpile February 27, 2008
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