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Threnody's gay little aim sn.

To improve how gay this sounds when said slowly, I made "suhkitonmi" yea, it sounds even gayer, just liek thren. hehe.
Sahkitumi (15:11:26): I'm sober this morning...wazzup Gumbeezy in the Heezy?

GumbaORGASMATRON (15:12:23): Look, I've told you, I'm not gay, ALRIGHT? Stop asking to suck my dick.

Sahkitumi (15:13:02): LOL

Sahkitumi (15:13:16): I know you're not gay, Gumbeezy.

GumbaORGASMATRON (15:13:30): I'm refering to this - Sahkitumi (15:13:02): Can i suck your cock?

Sahkitumi (15:14:44): LOL

Sahkitumi (15:15:04): Dude, somebody obviously is an impersonation sensation...

GumbaORGASMATRON (15:16:08): Thanks, i like to keep it short, especially in the summer

Sahkitumi (15:16:37): So what's up with you today? How you livin'?

GumbaORGASMATRON (15:16:54): No, I don't like Vanilla Ice either...

GumbaORGASMATRON (15:18:06): what did you call me?*

Sahkitumi (15:18:07): lol...she's kinda quirky...

Sahkitumi (15:18:45): Should they be bannerized?

GumbaORGASMATRON (15:19:12): I like to do it like a lazy bum.

GumbaORGASMATRON (15:19:30): But it's possible to do it while dancing

Sahkitumi (15:20:58): While standing up? And...moving>?

GumbaORGASMATRON (15:21:18): A master pieve of Hitchcock!

Sahkitumi (15:22:59): So it would seem...

GumbaORGASMATRON (15:23:14): possessed peeves airlines

GumbaORGASMATRON (15:41:40): Do you like charmin?**

Sahkitumi (15:41:58): LOL

*Contains link to http://www.gametalk.com/talk/cube/egg_mania_eggstreme_madness/page01.htm , which had been flooded with posts.

**Contains link to http://www.think-evolution.com/uploads/Bearcartoon.jpg
by Gumba Gumba April 06, 2004

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