3 definitions by mr_kurry

what you say when you sense others are talking about your awesomeness
by mr_kurry March 20, 2010
for a male to masturbate
Dude, did you just get your t-shirt? Yeah bro, it was mad chill. ; Yo where were you? I was gettin my t-shirt. ; Yo, I heard you get your t-shirt everyday.
by mr_kurry March 17, 2010
makes everything count
Bro: shoots a 3-pointer and says, "sah."
(Bro misses 3-pointer)
Dude: "Ya bitch, yo miss'd tat shit!"
Bro: "I said sah."
Dude: God Damnit, mothafucka!
by mr_kurry March 22, 2010

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