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Women attending Russell Sage College in Troy, New York within walking distance of rpi; provides pussy for the otherwise lacking boys of rpi
rpi geek 1: man, I really need some pussy, but these rpi chicks are haggard
rpi geek 2: Of course they are. Everyone knows that rpi chicks are haggard. Go find yourself a Sagie.
by Blue Angel Sagie March 10, 2004
147 99
1) Not a virgin
i.e. puts out for rpi geeks or fratboys.

2) Dyke. **Not ALWAYS true.**

3) Hates men. ** Again not ALWAYS true.**
1 ex. "Eh, she doesn't mind... she's a sagie."
by Angel05 March 11, 2004
122 87
A woman of influence who will change the world with confidence, integrity, and respect for themselves and for others.
A sagie is a diminutive term for the otherwise powerful students who attend Russell Sage College.
by Dr. Ingraham March 25, 2006
114 153