The prettiest, mnost wonderful girl in the world. She has the prettiest smile. She gives the best hugs. You'll never wanna let go. ever. She can also make you feel on top of the world. I love her. <3 She's so adorable. She makes the weirdest faces at times. I'm glad to have her. <3
'Dang, Shes pretty.'

Yea mangg. Shes Sage And shes all mine.
by Rainbow Frekkin Zombies July 02, 2011
A handsome dark haired male with beautiful brown eyes. Quite frankly he's one of the most amazing guys you'll ever meet. He is an intelligent individual and is fun to be around. Sage is someone who is unlike anyone. He is best described as a hipster :-) He has random moments and laughs at things not many other people will. Sage is a guy you can trust and count on. His smile will brighten your day no matter what. His hugs are amazing. They'll make you feel like not letting go <3 Sage is someone who doesnt like to see the person he cares about down. He's definatly a guy you'll be sure to fall in love with because he is truly awesome.
Sage is an amazing guy.

Sage is different than most guys.

Girl 1: Have you ever looked at Sage's eyes in the sunlight?
Girl 2: No
Girl 1: They're gorgeous!
by Jamster15 May 15, 2011
A cool maintained attitude with thriving luck with sexuality. Often trying new things with no fear. A person weel liked by everyone. On everybodys good side no matter what.
" Dude Sage was pulling chicks off of him all night at the party."
by gjfindal June 01, 2009
1, Beautiful individual who is not afraid to speak her mind. Oh and it IS a girl name. Btw. (:
"Sage is such a bitch."
"no she just doesn't like you,. And shes letting you know(:"
by Lanaa(: August 20, 2011
sexy girl with a hot body has beautiful brown eyes and can make any man melt to her feet. she will fuck you better than object with a vagina. but mostly she is sweet and caring but if you piss her off she will either bitch you out like non other or just straight up punch you in the face.
look at sage shes so sexy i would tap that.
by awesomeamazingsuperhero October 07, 2011
fine as hell
yo ur girl is sage!
by lafferboy January 12, 2010
A sexy and beautiful girl/woman who's loyal and enthusiastic. ( This can also be a boys name) She's one of the nicest caring people you will ever know. She doesn't make a lot of friends but only because she likes to have few close real friends. Although she doesn't have many close friends, everyone she talks to likes her because of her postive and charismatic attitude. She's extraordinarily out going and adventurous as well as a romantic. She treats the people she cares about with the most respect and will do just about anything for them but if she dislikes them, she makes it more than obvious. She has an air of intuition and is very intellectual. She is a mans dreams and wants and can make a great impression
Hey bob, you should ask Sage out. She's really hot and can hold really interesting convorsations.

Bob: I already did. Man, she so amazing, I don't think I've ever met a girl so... I don't even know.

( this could also be a guy senario except with different names to match the gender of which is mentioned)
by fallingforward May 21, 2012

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