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When a guy has difficulty getting his stream going while others are nearby. Sometimes rolling, sniffing and eating boogers can reduce the tension and allow for a steady stream. When this condition occurs and is overcome the legs may begin to spontaneously girate.

Can also be cause by fear that someone might see your little stack of wrinkles.
"Come on you Safley, prime that pump so we can fish"
#syphilis #dick trickle #shy turtle #syphon #mud turtle
by Woody Duckersmith August 02, 2006
(n.)A gaggletoothed metal mouth semi-human male known for it's enormous man breasts. (v.) 1. to completely fail in the art of attracting a female 2. to perform an act in a foolish and utterly stupid manner (adj.) used to describe someone who speaks entirely too much about other people's moms
Don't pull a Safley. Safley's man nip just poked out my left eye.
#douchbag #fuckstick #homo #fag #retard
by King Pimp the 2nd January 31, 2006
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