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an awesomely awesome person who..
-has great style
-has an awesome personality
-an incredibly hot girl
-wants fries from mickeydees at NINE in the morning.loser.
awww! you`re friend is such a safiya!
damn! that girl is safiya!
woah! i gotta get me some safiya.now.
by hanaa November 24, 2007
an incredibly sour juicy fruit
that swells your toungue
and gives you amazing kissing skills.

note: take with exactly one sip of water to produce intensified results.
Mark: hot date tonight?
Mark: you btter take some safiya.
Joey: oh yeahhh. do you have some water?
Mark: you bet!
Joey: thanks, man. you`re just...*sobs*...always there for me.
by hanaa November 24, 2007