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Likes to make quick friends though does not always succeed. Is a bit needy at times and sometimes refuses to listen. Saffanas can also try to change your mind without you knowing it. They seem quiet and hidden, sometimes you don't even know they're there.
Saffana: you can't see me
Me: who said that?
#quiet #hidden #pretty #stubborn #petite
by jojopo April 28, 2013
Very stubborn and hard-to-get. Saffanas often are petite and have the urge to change themselves completely. They make jokes that not everybody agrees to and their good-looks identify them as the popular crowd. Althoughy, they're intelligent in mathematics and can be very loyal to their needs. They display affection and happiness through smiles rather than words, making them lovable.
"Did you see that Saffana the other day?"
#saffana #stubborn #joker #pretty #hardcore
by jubileeflower April 28, 2013
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