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Safey – where selfies meet safety. A safey involves taking a picture of yourself participating in fun outdoor activities, while ‘playing it safe’.

Common activities undertaken while posing for a safey include: boating, kayaking, swimming, biking, hiking and jetskiing.

The tag #safey is associated with these photographs and are frequently followed with similar terms #slipslopslap, #playitsafe and #safetyfirst.

Warning: Sharing your safey online could lead to viewers experiencing serious fomo.
Man, that’s a cracker safey!”
“You think so? My life jacket does look pretty swagger, and I like the added touch of zinc.”
“We look SO good in our sun hats and life jackets, and this SPF50+ is giving me that effortless dewy look. This is some serious safey material!”
by WaterForLife July 23, 2016
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