A safety wipe is the one you give yourself after a fart that may have been wet and resulted in you accidentally pooping yourself a little.
Joe: I farted earlier and I had to do a safety wipe.

Kevin: ( wet sounding fart)
Sam: Damn, you need to go do a safety wipe
by Captain Caveman III October 06, 2009
Top Definition
The wipe that occurs hopefully after one finishes his last wipe of his shat in order to ensure the shit ticket is indeed un-skathed. This action will ensure not having a nasty case of ia
Dude, your walkin' like somebody just took a dremel to your kornhole.... sure you did the safety wipe?
by funEmahn August 31, 2004
when you wipe your ass even though you haven't taken a shit recently--just to make sure it's all clean and good down there. A safety wipe is also the cleanest, most effective way to scratch your anus.
When Amy invited Bob back to her place, he did a safety wipe in her bathroom, in case she ended up going down on him.
by ducksRpeople2 September 13, 2011
The act of wiping ones arse independent of having defecated. Wiping is done for safety upon suspicion of having anal leakage; usually due to sharting (see shart), excessive sweating, gophering (which has since retracted), or any combination thereof.
"I just sharted and need to take a safety wipe right away."
by DL & CP for UD July 22, 2014
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