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A match made on Tinder with a person you only thought was kind of cute instead of the person you really wanted to match with. Alternately, a match with a thottie instead of a hottie.
Man, I keep getting matched with all my safety swipes.
by clutchins July 02, 2015
A swift swipe using two fingers, preferably the index and thumb, to remove any possible excess semen coming from the opening of the penis. This procedure is a very smart step in addition to sexual intercourse, used most frequently during changing positions. ***Important*** The "safety swipe" is not 100% guaranteed to prevent pregnancy. Although... it may improve the chances of not poppin' out another human.
P1 - "Baby flip over so I can do you from behind"
P2 - Woman flips over and says "honeybun, make sure you do a safety swipe!" (Man takes index finger and thumb and wipes off excess semen off tip of penis)
P1 - "We're good to go my little slut."
by Ishy Paka and Charzard March 06, 2010
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