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Girl who carries her own male prophylactics (condoms) for sexual intercourse. From the "I'm a safety girl" line in Pretty Woman.
Tammara is a safety girl, she always carries condoms when she is looking to hook up.
by Fred Garvin Male Prostitute July 06, 2006
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A chosen female of dubious attractiveness within a social group whom is mentally designated as the ‘safety’ girl before a session of drinking begins. Where upon a level of inebriation is reached where the principal starts to fantasise about sleeping with the aforementioned safety girl, the principal knows that he has drunk too much and must immediately return home without question.
I don’t want to end up in the morning with a rotter again. This time I’m designating Jody my safety girl. The moment I start getting hot for ‘that’ I know I’m hammered and I’m going home.
by Kingbingo November 19, 2009

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