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when a chick is clean of any STD's
i've never heard of that chick puttin out she has to have a safe deposit box
by d-town slacker July 05, 2009
The person who you trust with your life, who you tell all your secrets and is not you're boyfriend. A safe deposit box will keep all your secrets saf and is a very honest person
Me and Jessie were best friends, she was my Safe deposit box
by cheetahguy44 January 17, 2012
A person whom you trust your life's secrets with. However, a safe deposit box can not be your girlfriend/boyfriend. It is a good idea to be eachother's safe deposit box. Any one person may not have two safe deposit boxes.
Me and Ethan are best friends, he is my safe deposit box.
by cheetahguy44 January 18, 2012