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Saeedah ia female name ,it originates from the male name"Saeed".

Saeedah is a gorgeous person with beautiful looks and personality. Saeedas are rather small but have really big tits, and an attractive face, but a small ass.
Saeedah is the funniest and most honest freind one could have ,you should ta ke care and love your Saeedah; there might be hard times where Saeedahs drive you shit insane because they hate themselves ,but you must convince them how of an amazing person they are. That's why saeeedas have low self esteem and confidence and usually use violence and pain which they inflict on other people to increase it.

Saeedahs also use phrases like "suck my dick" ,"lick my balls " ,"kiss my ass " to feel male and female like a "tranny" or "transexual"
In conclusion Saeedah is a magnificent person which you should never let go of and cherish and will have crazy unforgettable moments with .
"Dam, I wish I was Saeedah"
"look at that, there goes Super sexy Saeedah"
"All i remember from what she said "ill twist your balls and shove it up your dick" and then i blacked out and woke up to find myself bruised up"
"Have mercy on me saeedah ,please dont hurt me"
"Wow,saeedah has huge tits ,i never knew ,but her ass is flat"
by big kingkong January 21, 2014
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