Life's just not as good without a sadia, and dere one of a kind. usually second-guessing demselves or phsching themselves out but everythin works out in the end. very self concious and wondering if people are judging her. INCREDIBLY SEXYY, with a loving,personality. beautiful
by SWAGERELLA September 25, 2011
Top Definition
A very humble girl full of good spirits. Always knows how to make you feel special and is always there for you.
Always rely on Sadia
by Hotmama October 12, 2004
The most beautiful,kind hearted, and all around attractive person. She has beautiful hair that everyone is jealous of, loves art and literature and has a shining personality. Her eyes are beautiful and soul-gazing. Once you get to know a Sadia, your life will never be the same and you will not be able to live without her. She often finds herself fighting away men, because they're all attracted to her. Ask her and she'll tell you it's true. She is perfect all around and is even humble about it. Sadia is one of a kind, and hard to find. ONCE YOU FIND HER KEEP HER IN YOUR LIFE FOREVER. Sadia's are out of everyones league. Plus, they get the hottest guys to fall in love with her (wink, wink, me)

p.s- I love a girl named Sadia
person: Woah! who's the new girl?!

2nd person: She's Sadia. Isn't she freaking beautiful ?!

person: Yea! I must get to know her better
by JoshMalade34 February 25, 2013
Coolest, most kickass awesome friend. Girl LOVES to have random dance/spazz/dougie sessions at random times of the day. In one word, fierce!
Dude: OOweee! that gurl's on fiyaah!
Other dude: Yea no sh*t that's Sadia!
Dude: NO WAY
Yet another dude: It is her, real rap yo!
by nonayobusinezz November 21, 2011
Sadia is defined as the world's most random person. Sadia's possess and extremely funny and bubbly personality. Very hard working and acknowledge they are the best. They tend to have hints of underlying violent thoughts projected to only close friends. Psychoticness is clearly visible to close friends however they are able to disguise it very well in public. Although they could be harsh most of the time, they are sometimes shockingly cute/ sweet which could be perceived as scary as it is a very rare commodity. Nevertheless Sadia's are cool.
sadia to public: Hello, my name is Sadia, I am a high calibre graduate.
sadia to friend: DIE!
random violent sweet best psychotic
by aidas February 14, 2012
The most evil person in the world, the modern day equivelant to a witch, ugly from inside and outside, she's an old wasteman who's parents do black magic on people to make them do stuff they want to. She is very rude and unkind to children.
There are many examples...

Person 1: oh my gosh, there's a witch across the road! She's so scary and ugly! Let's go!

Person 2: oh, that's just Sadia, she scares me aswell...
by your dad. June 02, 2013
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