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Pshycopathic, eagertistical, self centred, inhumane, perthetic, insecured ,parasite,
A Pshycopathic eagertistical self centred inhumane, perthetic insecured gutless little parasite
by CAROL.T April 30, 2003
Satan's ex-lover. They broke up because Saddam was just in it for the sex, and never wanted to take about Satan's "feelings".
Saddam Hussien: Just call me your old pal, Saddam Hussein!
by Hallway March 15, 2005
Captured Mother Fucker
They found Saddam's bitch ass in a hole.
by dickweed December 14, 2003
Would really like it much better if you called him Saddam Hussein.
My name is Hussein, Saddam Hussein.
by Maddicus April 17, 2003
a knob head who doesn't think
by Anonymous October 14, 2003
a terrorist and a person who is very dirty. thats why he lived in a hole because he is a bum.
saddam hussien is a retard.
by fjdysnshsnfjfnvchj July 08, 2005
i think saddam is in Hell for the Ungodly things he did.
by Jew May 09, 2003