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The epitome of man. They have hair on their chests, deep voices, large penises, and huge balls. They can make the pussy purr with a stroke of their hand. A halo of white light follows them wherever they go. Brad Pitt looks like Shrek next to a sackllah. Arnold Schwarzenegger looks like an 8 year old girl next to a sackllah. Albert Einstein looks like a chimpanzee next to a sackllah. They are the kings of their world. All hail the mighty sackllahs.
That man was dying of a heart attack until a sackllah came over and breathed life into the dying man.

Upon seeing a sackllah, the young boy pissed himself in awe.
by sackman555 January 06, 2010
87 4
A ridiculously cool man. Someone so cool that his utter awesomeness makes others tremble in his presence. Sackllah's are among the smartest, most good looking, popular, and god-like people on the face of the earth. Everyone who is not a sackllah is jealous.
I almost got into P. Diddy's party until the bouncer realized that I wasn't a sackllah.

Yo I just saw like 50 hot models flock to that one sackllah over their.
by Jananorama January 05, 2010
82 4
n. the coolest person that you know. Sackllahs have authority and know how to use it. With their stunning good looks, boyish charm, intimidating physique, and superhuman intelligence, sackllahs demand attention and respect from their inferior peers. To become a sackllah, one needs years and years of training as well as the hairiest bush the world has ever seen

v. A sackllah's way of showing his authority. To accomplish this, a sackllah will grab his ball sack (scrotum) and then proceed to chant "lah lah lah lah lah" in a melodic fashion. After this is performed, time stands still, and the sackllah demonstrates his supremacy.
n. Once the sackllah stepped into the war zone, all involved were compelled to lay down their arms and show their allegiance to the mighty sackllah.

v. At sackllah training camp, the head sackllah performed the sackllah to quell the group of disobedient sackllahs in training.
by samuello June 12, 2010
61 4