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The act in which one waves his ballsack in a figure of eight. or

A general term for messing around
Example 1
Person 1: Hello, what are you doing there?
Person 2: Why, i'm just sacking around

Example 2
Person 1:*listening to music, not doing homework*
Person 2: Stop sacking around and get your work done
by thatfatkid1704 June 26, 2011
a term used to describe waving ones ballsack in a figure of 8, usually used as a form of insult or sexual entertainment. Also sacking around can mean general messing around..
Lewis: guys no messing around because imogen's parents might be here, okay?
max: can we sack around?
Lewis: no pisswilly but you can sack around
max: :7
* max starts sacking around*
by Midget prawnography June 25, 2011

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