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generally, sack-a-assholes are male. typically Only MEN are infected with the growing epidemic. Unknown as to why More men seem to become affected with the, what seems to be a serious permant condition. symptons include rapid mouth movement, sudden bursts of rude and childish selfish words. once affected the host will engage in an argument with a female in usually a close relationship with the infected.l once that happens it becomes air born pathagin....then becoming SACK-A-ASSHOLES
sack-a-assholes {one} but becoming More than one.....{ subject one says what are you writing about....subject 2 dosnt answer.... subject 1 : Fuck you what the fuck and gets all pist off}

suject two what the fuck is your problem YOU SACK-A-ASSHOLES.....
in short A DICK.
by candyshaine February 10, 2012
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