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Presenting your balls to someone to be sucked and or licked.
Lay down on your back Cindy, Ive got a sack lunch for you!
by slikkpie April 25, 2005
Taken from a fictional movie titled discussed in an episode of Seinfeld, in which an entire family is ensconced inside a huge brown bag, this phrase can be used when you are going to cause someone harm, as in metaphorically putting them in a body bag.
If we see that Alex guy tonight maybe we should sack lunch him, let him know he can't come on to me so easily with his homo-erotic pictures.
by Jimmy Two-times January 23, 2007
The act of blowing your load inside a condom and giving it to your partner for a later meal or snack.
Hey baby, I just packed you a sack lunch for later.
by Rokabily2 September 27, 2009
An innovative penis puppeteer manuever in which a male stretches his scrotum up over the frank and beans to encompass both in a nifty sack for presentation to others.
Gertrude was utterly baffled when Olie showed her his sack lunch. She then proceeded to suckle his goods until they were bone dry. What a delectible sack lunch it was.
by onelivegoat September 25, 2006
Somebody who never wants to go out and do anything fun. Can also be used for flaking. Taken from when you invite someone from work or school out to lunch and they say, "That's okay, I brought my own."
"So dude, you still goin' out tonight?"
"Naw, man, I think I'm staying in."
"Pff, aight sack-lunch I'll see ya later!"
by girtby April 03, 2006
Scratching your scrotum and subsequently presenting your fingers to a friend's mouth/nose and asking, "Sack lunch?".
Before I took a shower I gave Kelli a sack lunch. She really liked it!
by shoeshina23 November 06, 2012
Intercourse while the female has a bag over her head with eye and mouth holes cut out. At the point of climax, the male pulls out, aims for the holes, and yells out "Sack Lunch." If the ejaculate makes it into the mouth hole you get 5pts, 10pts for an eye hole, and triple point score for both eye holes. If all three holes are hit, she has to make you a sandwich while wearing the paper bag. Additionally, you can compare scores with your friends to determine the ultimate sack lunch champion.
I came into her mouth hole and both eye holes while yelling "sack lunch," and then she made me a ham sandwich while wearing the bag.
by Sack Lunch Champion June 21, 2009
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