sack attack is when ones testes have been beaten too often
" damn woman slow down your gonna give me a sack attack!"
by TONY & DIANE THE NIGGS December 09, 2004
Top Definition
To whip out one's testicle(s) and accompanying scrotum in an unsavoury manner in front of unsuspecting victims. Often done in public places, coupled with the shouting of "my bwain".
I got sack attacked by Matt in the pub last night.
#sack attack #sac attack #sacattack #my bwain #brain #bollocks #balls
by Rio Merkmeister June 10, 2006
a death blow to the male genital area; can be done with one person or a group, results are painful and funny.
I'm friggin' sterile thanks to the guys giving a sack attack.
by shiesty February 09, 2003
An event where a group of angry girls attack a man, aiming specifically for the scrotum with the intent of causing pain to the victim.
Today, a group of girls initiated a sack attack on a man trying to stop a fight between them. The unnamed man who was hospitalized shortly after the incident, lost one ball.
#fight #nuts #balls #pain #testicles #kick #nads #crime #squeeze #boys #girls #feminists #asshole #foot #groin
by Helladog January 12, 2014
When your colleague or supervisor stands so close to you while you're seated at your desk, that their balls are resting on your shoulder
Disobedient Willidan turned and noticed that he was the unfortunate victim of a sack attack by the disapproving Huxley
#scrotum #balls #colleague #work #personal space #stealth sack attack
by netmonkey February 20, 2009
A person who attacks other people's sacks.
OMG gordan just sack attacked you louis.
#sac #attack #balls #gordan #sack #gordon
by Rjsimpson123 July 24, 2009
The act of pulling just your balls out of your zipper, then while a chick is sleeping, shoving them in her mouth
Stupid whore wouldn't let me give her the shocker so i gave her the sack attack that night
by Pimpin Is My Lifestyle March 30, 2005
To attack one's unsuspecting victims with your bollock carriers ! Preferably attacking people in the facial region
A wolf sack attack cause a mass destruction !
#sack #attack #mass #bollock carriers #wolf pack
by Powertime April 20, 2008
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