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a death blow to the male genital area; can be done with one person or a group, results are painful and funny.
I'm friggin' sterile thanks to the guys giving a sack attack.
by shiesty February 09, 2003
old school slang for let's get out of here!
I think we need to leave. (say it so everyone can hear) posse up!
by shiesty February 09, 2003
Someone who looks like Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky...AFTER his face gets all fucked up.
Fix your fucking face Ugz
by shiesty April 10, 2003
Good Old Fashioned Ass Whoopin'
He likes care bears!?!?!?!?!?! He needs a G.O.F.A.W., posse up guys!
by shiesty February 09, 2003
God's gift to the earth. Possibly the greatest team ever assembled. Men that walk the line of immorality. An team with an uncanny knack for being the best.
On the 8th day God said, "Let there be Wildkatz." And the Wildkatz were born and it was good.
by shiesty February 10, 2003
putting your finger up someone's ass and saying "who's in there?"
That damn fool Chris just gave me "who's in there?" He needs a sack attack!
by shiesty February 09, 2003
Straight Up Punch At The Head
Julio took my cookie so I gave his silly ass a S.U.P.A.T.H.
by shiesty February 09, 2003

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