when one's sack becomes so itchy that they have to itch it, without any regard for others in the vicinity.
When nate shaved his balls he had a constant case of sac attack
by the willis December 07, 2004
Top Definition
The act of two men slapping a woman (or man in a homosexual sense) in the face with two or more scrotums. Good for porn still shots, or a good laugh.
Before exploding on Cheryl's face, Henry and Aaron gave each other the signal, and then sac attacked that slut...that's what she gets for scraping with her teeth.
by Stevie Y July 19, 2005
1. an attack on one's sac.
2. an attck from one's sac.
3. an attack on one's sac from another's sac.
4. sac civil war; war between the sacs; attack between the sacs on one's crotch.
5. see also: ding-a-ling-a
is the left one winning this sac-attack?
by kris wiggam February 13, 2003
When one's sac is so sweaty to the point where it sticks to anything it can get its hands on
After Pasquale won his basketball championship, he was very sweaty and had a severe case of sac-attack
by Masongkal November 10, 2015
to be attacked by the sac
holy goat wang he was sac attacked
by caleb the nose January 21, 2003
to attack ones face by rubbing with both hands. it is also traditional to yell SAC ATTACK.
lets go sac attack Greg
by lloyd freewell May 07, 2003
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