To perfect the art of hitting a male in the testicles using a whiplike motion of the wrist, for ones own entertainment.
Dude, I sactaped Cooper on Monday, it was so funny.
by Spencer S. May 15, 2005
Top Definition
n. form: given. to give a sac tap.
a masculine tap given to fellow male teammates/friends in the genital area. the tap is fast and somewhat painful enough to consider it masculine. usually achieved when giver is walking by victim. (if not and giver waits for reaction, it is considered a foul and therefore the giver cannot pull off masculine facade) Hard to recover from with dignity. similar to football ass slap.
sac tap!(yelled while jokingly tapping another's genital area; other flinches and trys to recover by exclaiming "oh ho!")
by GangstaCrackaFresh January 25, 2005
To strike someone in the scrotum just forcefully enough to hurt him
My TA misgraded my test; I'm going to sac-tap that bitch.
by My Compensatory Gift to Jon March 04, 2005
a tap of the sac causing a fair amount of discomfort to a man, but found amusing in context by girls
aleeza found the word "sac tap" funny, but chris cringed in pain
by leoultron May 15, 2007
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