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verb; based on the principle of "ask and you shall receive", to sabrinacrimeli is to negotiate a deal or discount where no deal or discount has been advertised. Can also refer to negotiating a much larger deal or discount than what has been offered.
"This hotel room usually goes for $149 a night, but I sabrinacrimelied the concierge and got it for $72"

"When I called up customer service, they only offered a 10% discount, but I sabrinacrimelied them and got 25%"

-"I see you and your husband both have iPhones...I wanted to get a second one too, but the data plans are too expensive"

-"I thought so too, at first, but I sabrinacrimelied my phone company and got both data plans for $45 a month!"
by diadima May 30, 2011
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