any woman over the age of 60 dating men who are way younger than she is...surpasses cougar status by age
Her mother is a "cougar "...but her older aunt is a "sabertooth" !
#old #cougar #sexual #dating #cubs
by Bummblebee November 07, 2010
A female "cougar" over 60. Flirts outrageously with younger men and is extremely proud of her aging body.
Some younger men prefer a Saber Tooth for their infinite experience and wisdom, rather than a Cougar, who is in it for the good times.
#cougar #hotty #prude #sex #aging
by Saber Tooth 1 December 31, 2012
when a cougar gets older she/he becomes a sabertooth albeit the companion is still much younger.
Over 65 and date a young person, they are too old to be called a cougar now they are sabertooths!
#cougar #old man #old lady #mid life crisis #kitten
by Eneles March 22, 2011
The act of drunkenly fingering someone so badly they are left bleeding and unable to walk. It may cause bruising and inability to walk after you have this performed on you.
Bob: Last night I totally gave her the Sabertooth there was blood everywhere.
Bill: .... Its suppost to give pleasure not cause pain when you finger a girl.
#fingering #drunkenly #bleeding #sabertooth #pleasure
by victor creed March 01, 2011
The baddest motherfucker to ever come out of Marvel Comics, Sabertooth is a feral mutant without even basest of scruples. Archenemy of Wolverine, the two have been tearing chucks out of each other since the late 1960's, ending with Sabertooth's apparent death at Wolverine's hands in the mid-2000's.
"You're not my father, my brother, or my clone. Why is it we can never get rid of each other?"

- Wolverine to Sabertooth in chapter 1 of the "Wolverine: Evolution" arc.
#feral #killer #monster #marvel #mutant
by the REAL 2wingo September 12, 2009
When a man is performing oral sex on a woman and right when she is about to orgasm, the man bites her clitoris.
Joe: I gave her the tooth last night!
Bob: The tooth??
Joe: The sabertooth!!
Bob: Hahaha yeah buddy!!
#sabertooth #clitoris #oral #cunnilingus #orgasm #sex #woman #bite #biting #tooth #oral sex
by elgran35 December 16, 2009
an american band with norse mythological influences.
Did you hear "Viking funeral for your baby" by Sabertooth?
by adam r. January 24, 2004
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