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a girl's name is of Greek and Arabic origin, and the meaning of Saba is "from Sheba; morning". Biblical: the queen of Sheba is rich and ostentatious.
by kaaykaaykeellerrr May 16, 2011
is da worlds most sexiest name
a person wid dis name is definitely sex crazy and does her most 2 satisfy ppl
a saba is da best and makes evryone happy and is always smilin n also very sex crazy
by saba February 03, 2005
someone who has a great attitude & smiles about everything. you should be very happy to know them. optimism is their forte.
Wow that chick is nice!" "Yeah she's Saba!
by hahahcokee May 30, 2011
An amazing guy! He's cute, funny, down to earth, smart just everything you can ask for in a guy! :)
Sabas is a person you wanna know!<3
by hmmm?? :) August 09, 2008
a song by the pseudo-satanic NYC ska band Mephiskapheles about only one thing: girls shaking their bodies.
"Shake your body limey girl. Shake it all the time. Shake your body limey girl. Jump it all the time. Shakeyour body limey girl. Saba, saba, saba, saba, hey hey hey!"
by StraughtedgeRudy February 06, 2005
a small penised individual. that loves guido sausage in his rectum.
Did you se how far that Sabas took it last night
by Ton ton the tiger August 16, 2010
one who is skinny but has obese kids.
look at that pregnant lady. she is a saba
by hasoonie October 29, 2011