software as a service
by rilip February 04, 2010
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Short for the Colt Single Action Army, a .45 calibre revolver.
This is the Colt Single Action Army, the greatest handgun ever made. Six bullets. More than enough to kill anything that moves.
by Snake April 05, 2005
Smiles all around. Generally used by typical hufflepuffs, this happy acronym is used to show happiness despite tough times.
Haha Good game. I lost, but SAA!
by happy_hufflepuff February 05, 2015
Saa is Irish Slang for Sir ;D

Mostly used in Donegal as we are the banter lads ;)
Q: Where ya from lad?
A: Im from Donegal saa, yourself?

Q: Whats the craic with ya?
A: Ahh not alot, alls quite saa.
by Irishness ;D June 24, 2011
Short for "Single Action Army", Colt's revolutionary revolver that won the Wild West.
"I love that Colt SAA."
"It's called a Single Action Army."
"Yeah I mentioned the initials."
"Oh. I wouldn't know; I don't abbreviate things 'cause I'm too cool to do so."
by Dave September 09, 2004
Socially Akward All Stars
You know you're Socially Akward( S.A.A.S) when
• Your credit card gets denied at Ross
• You use periodic table elements to name food
• You feel uncomfortable and just stare at another person
• You self roofie and get back together with an ex – all in one night
• You adopt a stranger in a leather coat to drink beer with you
• You engage in conversation with the Dog Whisperer
• You’re delirious after running 18+ miles and start breeding animals in your head (HAMPIDGE)
• You catch a kickball with a Bloody Mary in your face
• You turn into a klempto/slut/compulsive liar when drunk
• You go to the bathroom and realize your underwear is inside out and yet you still tell your coworker
• You lap dance with everyone on a party bus
• You black out and leave your shit all over the city
• You're balls deep in a specialty cookie and get chocolate all over your face, alone in an alley
• You use “Do you want to play on our kickball team?” as a pick up line
• You always end up at Barnone and Bus Stop despite your best efforts
• You show up for the zillionth time in the same outfit and people wonder why they associate with you
• You call someone a "standard poodle"
• Your nickname is Javier, Jerry Curl or Rain Man
• You’re so drunk you get falafel all over your face at 6pm on a Sunday and call all your friends to tell them
• You think about your boss during a marathon
• Your second best pick up line is “Hey I’m wearing a thong”
• You hitchhike on Divisidero so you’re not late for a movie
• You get kicked off a bus in Daly City for giving the driver attitude
• You call yourself a cougar when you’re under the age of 30
• Flabongo is your best friend
• You wake up on the floor of your room in a dirty clothes pile wearing a two-piece suit, fanny pack, baseball helmet, and a Flabongo at 8pm, calling your boss saying you won’t make it in until midnight on Monday.
• You sleepwalk out of your apartment, wake up half naked in the hall of a different floor and earn the nickname spidey or your efforts to get back inside your room
by Vertigo Kickball August 18, 2008
To observe something
Yo bruh, saas that shawties ass
by JaayCee99 June 25, 2016
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