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German for FAGS. Usually have sex before skate bording.
Derek: hey Scofield, want to skate today
Drake: Ya Gail, after i suck you're dick and blow in your mouth.
by dredfurst April 02, 2007
8 27
to be a complete dickhead, and ruin all bmxers fun at skateparks with the whole "I'ts called a skatepark for a reason" bullshit
Dickhead: lets go skate!
Me: fuck no, skatings for pansys, and tossers who need to compensate for something (if u know what I mean, and I think you do)
by jimmy smith May 06, 2005
28 50
Basically, it means the word cool.
Dude, thats so skate!
Nah, thats completly nonskate.
by JennQ March 13, 2005
20 60