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Total Lebanese Move: When you ask someone, whether it's a restaurant or a random person, for anything totally lebanese.
I got angry at the guy at Pizza Hut for not making my pizza on pita bread like I asked. TLM.
by Libnania December 14, 2010
8 4
TLM (ThugLifeMunchies) is a dope ass skate crew at that can tear your ass at s.k.a.t.e and make killer youtube vids. The steezey skate crew was founded by Jarred ( Grown ass) and Nick (Bass)

(Phill Jackson, Viking, Kuban, Bruce, Kosten, Manos, Chadster, Grown ass, Stanley, Hawkins, Rookie, Bass, Gordo, Grown Andrew, Mauk, Sims, Flippy are the Members from TLM)
man , tlm can skate fat homie!
steeze dawg foo
by lghs June 22, 2014
2 0
An attractive male individual who garners sexual advances or attention from others regardless of sexual orientation.

This is a rare character trait found only in select individuals, with this power comes great responsibility.

Tasty Little Morsel
UmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmmmmm look at that TLM. . .
by OGTLM July 26, 2011
7 5
Tastes Like Mcdonalds
if something tastes cheap you'ld say it tastes lyk mcdonalds(tlm)
by Callum Quigley December 28, 2007
4 14