Stalking buddies for life. Two people that stalk each other on Facebook.
Girl: Do you stalk me on Facebook?
Boy: Yeah...
Girl: That's just great, cuz I stalk you too!
Boy: SBFL...?
by FacebookStalking September 18, 2011
A group of the coolest motherfuckers in the world, also known as Stoner Buddies For Life
SBFL are the motherfucking shit!
by Livvy-poo March 31, 2008
Spongebob Buddies for Life! For those geeks like me who are obsessed with spongebob :D
"Did u see that new episode of spongebob?"
by spongie bobbooo!!!!! August 07, 2012
An awesome selection of friends that spoon at sleepovers for a joke, in numbers of up to 5 or 6, both girls and boys. Stands for Spooning Buddies for life, and involves lots of space to take place.Again, this can result as a health and safety hazard if there is not enough space, and can result in injuries to the head if there is a bed in the way. I hope you now see how awesome SBFLers are.
Milly: Hey do you want to go to sleep now?
Frances: zzzzzz
Soph: Yeah sure, let me just take my top off
Kanal: I think we are awesome.
Ollie: Lets be called SBFL's!!!!!
Sam: zzzzzzz.
Emz: Ping!!!!
all: SBFL's FOEVER!!!!!!!!! :') ;)
by Just another SBFL. December 08, 2010
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