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The act of shoving a snickers candy bar up one's rectum for sexual pleasure, then having your partner eat it out. lolz
She gave me such a good s-pouch last night
by super chill bro November 23, 2010
A regional term originating in Milton Keynes, spouch refers to the area of chest between a woman's breasts.
"Nice tits, but you could park a truck in that spouch".

A notable example of a large spouch can be found on the singer Mariah Carey.
by Doctor Duke of Yorke March 06, 2010
The combination of a spouse who cheated or a spouse who is a grouch. One you commonly refer to as a "dick" therefor can also be refereed to as a crotch. Hence spouch.
That's my former spouch.
You are a being a spouch, hun.
In the court documents i just put a "total spouch"
by kiddolestrange January 11, 2013
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