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gaelic. a true irish name. typically meaning beauty, she is a girl who will have your back and will be there to catch you when everything falls apart.
Everyone seemed the same but Ryann changed everything.
by queenbee11 March 21, 2009
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A female version of Ryan. It's irish/gaelic origin means "king" thus the female version shall mean "queen". It is a name of royalty.
She is the "Ryann" of the house.

by princess34 December 28, 2008
Ryann is a name that is usually only given to people that are beautifuil, silly, awesome, caring, and the most amazing friend in the world. If you ever meet a ryann you would understand! She will be the most amazingest person in your life where you can spend hours and hours with and never get bored. She is a true friend! <3
"i have the greatest friend in the world"
"Is it Ryann?"
Man, i wish she was my friend"
by ActinfreakCass March 19, 2011
term used to describe someone as a very promisciuos person,basically shes's a slut
i used to like her until i found out she was a ryann sleeping around with every guy in town.
by lowedaddy August 30, 2007

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