a big, giant, king-sized whore
Oh man, look at ryn being a big, giant, king sized whore.
by PK313 November 23, 2007
final boss monster of the yet to be released Final Fantasy XXVII video game whose one weakness is sunlight
We must slap ryN with a ray of sunlight in order to defeat him.
by sN November 16, 2004
Origin; Orlando,1998. Meaning: derived from Jason Kocan's caller id that read...Caryn; at which time the birth of "ryn" was born. 2) RYN, Inc.; Resources You Need, Inc.
ryn-it's simple...she is who she is - CARYN
rynism-ex. a stunt pulled while grifting; a lame excuse; last minute fickle mind change.
by Caryn June 30, 2006
Short for Katheryn! A name meaning an awesome person. Ryn, a NICKNAME!
Hey RYN! You're AWESOME!
by Katheryn August 07, 2003
a dirty dirty whore who makES EVERYONE MAD
by pre-dick December 30, 2013
Regarding your Note. Used on diaries, or message boards.
RYN dont post nashty things on my dairy, or you'll get it.
by LRC September 04, 2005
Short for the very wonderful, handsome, sexy, smart, and funny actor Ryan Phillippe(mine @_@). Mostly used by me, 1337KiWi.
"RYN is the sexiest! :D"

"Aww, RYN is so cute! Also, he fucked me last night. ^^"
by 1337KiWi September 24, 2003

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