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An excellent car that people bad mouth because they couldn't keep up with one in their shitty mullet-powered Ford Mustangs.
I love American cars very much, but damnit, that Mazda RX-8 is sweet as hell. I wouldn't trade a Camaro for one, but still...
by Ninja Disaster October 29, 2003
a car that pussies talk shit about can't even leave their name. oh yea! it's motor also won the Int'l engine of the year. don't think your shit did that?
by Greg September 15, 2003
a japanese car that americans hate because its not an american car. And evenmore annoying: its kinda fast!
Look that looser in that ford of 300 bugs says the rx8 is for gays because he cant afford it.
by kukel June 11, 2003
A hella fast car that looks sick with rear suicide doors as stock.

Could do with a turbo maybe....
Wow that guy gets all the girls in that rx8, i wish i didnt have my american peice of shit.
by Rellagwan July 20, 2008
a car which asian girls love, white boys despise because they think big engines give them big d***, their always pissed off because a 1.3liter keeps spanking that pony's ass.
Guy1: Dude where did you find that asian girl?

Rx8Guy: Well, this hard ass in a mustang thought he could beat me, when the light turned red his girlfriend came out the car and just came into mine.
by NorCalsRx8 January 24, 2011
not the perect ride coz it drinks gas like craaazy and lacks hp & torque but a well balanced(handles like beamers) and very light machine. rx-8, a car that doesnt have to prove anything.
The 350z is faster but the rx-8 is a lot more sexxxier!!
by rx8_club February 17, 2010
Should of let the Germans keep the rotary! But a car that gives the Trans Am/ Z28-SS a good name!
"Object in mirror must be an RX8"
by Iceman March 07, 2005
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