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real world trading.

which is in fact one of the reasons runescape died.
Jagex : because of so many rwt users we have been forced to destroy pking, stop drop trading, and impose a 3k trade limit.

35% of runescape users : i quit!
by kirbydiss September 27, 2008
Roll Weed Time, a song by Big Sean
This is my roll weed time (RWT) - Big Sean
by SantaClawZ November 20, 2012
Right When Tested - Term used by engineers to describe the outcome of testing something and not finding anything wrong.

When ringing back to base after testing a telephone line. "Yes that one is RWT"
by Slimeburger September 28, 2007
Rich White Trash
OMG have you seen Cat Marnell lately, she is so RWT!
by Rarley August 09, 2012
It's an abbreviation of a white girl who have a round and tight ass.
If you see a nice white ass, you can say:

- Hey, look at her ass!
- RWT!
by Marc.A October 03, 2007

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