A take on pwnt, which is a take on pwned, which is a take on owned. Sometimes means royally ownt.
nub: d4m f00 u got rwnt!
nub2: z0mg h4x!!11
by Mender April 28, 2006
Top Definition
A take on "pwnt", which is a take on "pwned" which is a take on "owned".

Pwned came around through the common misspelling of "owned" (due to the close proximity of O and P on the keyboard), and althought originally a typographical error, through its overuse it entered the vernacular as a word in itself. The -t suffix being used to replace -ed is self explanitory, adds a heightened level of leetness to leet insults.

The r- prefix stands for "royally", and thus, translates to "royally owned".
jack: did you see that kid who tried to knock someone off his bike while in a moving car, but fell out of the car and hit his head on a bumper?

bob: yeah, he got rwnt
by Tark Mwain February 17, 2005
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