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rutty means some one who is dirty/slutty/or creepy ...
Vance is rutty as...hahaha.
by underoath. June 29, 2007
full of ruts or holes: a rutty track, or
rutty farm roads.
Another word for people who are or an individual who is loud and moving about, usually a disturbance to those around him or her.
The sixth grade class is rutty.
Superlative form: The sixth grade class is the ruttiest; and they are hard to control.

Example: This class should be the more behaved group from last year’s grade 6, however, the entire 6th grade class was known to be the ruttiest.
by the blessed english teacher February 13, 2012
a strict but soetimes nice person. not too mean but has her pmsing moments. funny and very educated. often rolls her eyes and has priceless facial expresions. great style but often has a mishap. expensive, not easy to please. secretive; grunts
Jacuelyn: Omg we have Rutty's class today!
Gwenthy: Oh god! Wait we have her everyday!
Rutty: Oh girls can't for class today!
by betucantguess February 21, 2012