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a southeastern Ohio term meant to insult someone. Originated in Glouster, Ohio near Athens in the 60's and became a phrase to describe someone or someplace as unkempt, poor, or smelly. This term is used by ignorant people with low IQs to make themselves feel superior.
Fact: the football field at Athens High School carries the name "Basil R. Rutter Stadium" because my husband's rich Uncle Basil donated a large sum of money years ago to rebuild it. This did not discourage the insensitive remarks.
you are dirty as a rutter, looks like a rutter lives here
by Rutter family November 17, 2007
99 96
A derogatory term originating from Athens, Ohio in the early 60s. When called this, you are being made fun of by someone for being dirty, smelling bad, etc.
you're acting like a rutter

you smell like a rutter
by jkel August 19, 2005
317 96
A derogatory term for a less educated, backwards person in Southeastern Ohio. A redneck. The term is problematic because it is a common surname in the economically depressed area.
He is such a rutter.
by athensexpat February 22, 2006
187 49
A word used to describe a person who is both "rough" and "butters". Basicly that person is very very ugly.
"That girl is bare rutters, dont go near might puke"
by Georgio123 July 07, 2008
42 6
Local convenience store where God the Almighty Himself works behind the Fresh Express Deli counter and makes the greatest cheesesteak known to man! I suggest lettuce, mayo, black olives, pepperjack cheese and jalapenos.

You can also get some fresh Tupac merchandise, even though he's been dead since like 1980....
sKint - "What did you get?"
JayRey - "I got the sliders, they suck ass!"
sKint - "Shoulda got a cheesesteak, they're hella fly!"
JayRey - "Rutter's Roxorz!"
by JD sKint December 28, 2009
11 0
From a small region in Southeast Ohio (Glouster).A derogatory term used to insult. Rutter is saying someone is trashy.
A yard with trash and junk in it would be a Rutters House.
Comb your hair, you look like a Rutter.
Take out the trash, it smells like Rutters live here.
by Glouster Rutter May 23, 2013
13 5
Your map place when in York city. They have the greatest employees. (Some may think so, but oh well).
"I am lost. Oh, look, there is a Rutter's, we must be in York. O there is another one, and another, and an other. Ahhh!"
by INYGS3 May 03, 2006
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