A lazy, fat, disgusting, slob of a man who has homosexual tendencies.
Damn, that fat-ass over there reminds me of Rusty.

That is one Rusty looking mother fucker!
by UrbManJM August 12, 2012
A pug who pretty much resembles anybody with down syndrome.
"Food, Rusty? Food?!"
by Chris March 29, 2005
an ugly red headed person
people who call themselves rusty are ugly and have red hair
by Frank September 12, 2003
She said Aunt Flow just left town - Her shit left me lookin' a little rusty, I guess Flow had just made it as as far as the driveway...
by CD-1 March 13, 2008
n. A woman who has an absurd amount of sexual intercourse.

v. The appearance of having a loose vaginal canal.

(i.e. harlot, lady of the night, lady in red, prostitute, whore, skank, slut, slag, ho, bimbo, call girl, concubine, tramp, street walker, nymphomaniac, nympho, floozy, wench, party girl, hooker, midnight cowgirl, loose woman, anal astronaut, hostess, workin' girl, tart, strumpet, scarlet woman, lady of pleasure, yes girl, pink pants, trollop, trollop with a scollop, fallen woman, tootsie, jezzebel, hussy, hustler, playgirl, chippy, fuck friend, etc.)
Man 1: Look at that beautiful woman standing by the pool.

Man 2: Yeah, I'm not sure, but I think she's a rusty.

Man 1: What do you mean?

Man 2: Well, I mean she'll fuck anything that moves, including her dog. I had a round with her a few years back and I contracted herpes and leperacy.

Man 1: Do you think a man like me would have a chance with a girl like her?
by Dustin and Arik July 30, 2006
1) Name given to unfortunate children born with the horribly diseaseed hair causing the effect of rusty growth on the chin rather than facial hair and the overall colour of rusty red hair.

2) A name given to crap bassists who think they are beyond their own limits, being big-head and just basically crap.

3) A name given to anyone with a serious twitch or violent blink affecting the face. Also known as Ceribral Visual Violent Blinking Disorder (CVVBD).

4) People who are unlucky enough to have the ironic nick-name Rusty and work as mechanics, later changing the name to WD-40 to imply they fight the rust on the metals trying to act like better mechanics.

5) Name given to people with really bad looking cars and thinking they look cool in them, typically Volks Wagon Beetles with blue lights on the bottom looking like sunbeds under them. Also used to checking counterfit bills at McDonalds or Burger King drive throughs.

6) A cunt, idiot, loser or generally stupid person.
Gazzel: Whats up with that dudes hair?!
Mazzel: WOAH SHIT! Thats some serious rusty contagion there man!
Gazzel: I know I thought he was wearing a old rusted army helmet from the scrap yard!
Mazzel: No fake, no fake man.

Kezzel: Hey look theres that bass guy.
Tazzel: Hes actually playing?! I thought if he touched the strings they'd rust up.
Kezzel: Whys that?
Tazzel: I thought thats why hes called Rusty?

Cozzel: This is Rusty.
Rusty: Hey there.
Mazzel: Hey th...woah...whats with th...WOAH! Whats the lowdown with your face man?! It keeps twitching and your eyes keep violently blinking!
Rusty: I....ca...nt....help....it!
Mazzel: So did you get struck by lightning or get biohazardous chemicals spilt in your eyes?
Rusty: I don't really sleep either. My blinks just form into one big session of closing my eyes.
Mazzel: So wh...SHIT Man it looks serious! Can I just look at the floor when I talk because its hurting my retnas looking at you.

Cozzel: Check out that car its a total Rusty! WHAT A LOSER!
Gazzel: Yeah you'd think he'd have a tan by now with that blue glow under there.

Kezzel: Hey look at that dude with ginger hair.
Mazzel: Woah thats so a rusty.
Kezzel: Yeah what a IDIOT!
Mazzel: Totally dude what a LOSER!
Gazzel: Hey what you guys looking...that guy looks like a total cunt!
Kezzel: Yeah totally dude.
Mazzel: To the MAX!
by Johnny Hurts April 09, 2006
an ugly white girl who has horrible hair and make up
I'm tired of them preppy rusty girls, someone please give them a make over, she looks like a horse!!
by Eanie September 19, 2003
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