A lazy, fat, disgusting, slob of a man who has homosexual tendencies.
Damn, that fat-ass over there reminds me of Rusty.

That is one Rusty looking mother fucker!
by UrbManJM August 12, 2012
a stupid wanker who is extremely full of himself.
Rusty is a stupid little git.
by Iorek18 May 26, 2008
Guy who mastrubates in class. And on some occasions gets caught. Smells bad. People pretend to be his friend just so he doesn't come shoot up the school...
Girl 1: Oh look its your great friend Rusty! ;)
Girl 2: Damnit. I swear everytime he wacks himself he thinks of me... Someone also needs to put him in the shower.
by Girl who's being stalked. November 08, 2010
Something that is bad or has gone wrong,
dude thats rusty.
oh its all gone rusty
by richardo September 02, 2005
To be an addicted pothead
Rusty smoked a bit fat joint.
by Marty June 04, 2003
a crazy-ass puppy/attack dog who i love very much
yup, Rusty is my dog and he would defend me with his life. he is the awesomest!!!
by Laura Samsel March 28, 2004
an ugly girl who shops at good will and makes her make up out of rust
Did you see kourtney today? She looked so rusty!! She looks like a horse!!
by Mole September 23, 2003
People who lived in or built civilizations out of metal or with metal skeletons.They also cut down trees and/or forests to make way for more buildings. They overproduce and polute the air we breathe. (Mainly us.)Rustys are concidered not very smart or very aware that what they do is distroy their world they live in and the world that generations to come will have to live it. They are ignorant and selfish. They are wasteful.
"Remember what I'm telling you. This is for your own good. You don't want to end up like those Rustys who almost destroyed the earth with their polution and tree cutting. "
by Miss Becca December 06, 2006

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