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A general proclamation of disdain or dissatisfaction. Its first mainstream use was by the character Ari Gold on the HBO Series "Entourage".
<golf shot hooks off fairway> "Rusty cunt bucket! FUCK!!"
#rusty #cunt #bucket #entourage #ari gold
by /. October 27, 2008
The bronzed finish on a middle aged woman's labia minora. On a typical Rusty Cunt Bucket, the flaps will be loose and hanging low, swing low sweet chariot. Also used as an insult or in venting fury or road rage.
yeah, her face was mighty fine but she had such a Rusty Cunt Bucket down below.
#rusty #cunt #bucket #milf #slut #loose #pussy
by Obers October 04, 2011
Noun. A lying girl who dumps her boyfriend to run off with some other male without reason or advanced notice.
Tom, "Anna just ran off with some useless, big nosed fucker."
Joe, "She's a rusty cunt bucket. Forget about her, let's go get a beer."
#bitch #ex girlfriend #lying sack of shit #douche bag #hoe
by Prince Geoff November 01, 2013
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