A TV Show on Youtube that is disturbingly odd and hilarious. Youtube username: Theerustbucket!
A man spits watermelon all over. I love the Rust Bucket!
by REXAAW April 09, 2012
Top Definition
An ancient car or ship, covered in rust. May also be an affectionate term for a merely old ship.
Look at that rustbucket! I'm surprised the thing holds together.
by Zachary Gibbons September 22, 2004
An older-model car that has not been maintained well,once used to describe late 50s-early 70s cars with tailfins but now can also be applied to 80s cars.Rustbuckets typically belong to people who,though they often have the means to get a newer car,are holding onto the past with both hands(see Dead Elvis).The back of a rustbucket tends to drag the ground,the exhaust pipes belch black fog,the seats spill stuffing and the air conditioner seldom works.
"Get a load of that old rustbucket,it hansn't seen a fresh coat of paint since Nixon was Prez!"
by sns21274 October 08, 2009
my first car. seriously, my car and others like it are peices of shit.
dude yer rustbucket sucks
by scrambled eggs September 13, 2006
a crack/cocaine fiend some one who will do anythin for a fix
that kid would kill a man for a fix, what a rustbucket
by Kaniggles June 29, 2006
people that do too much drugs, being rusty at things, not as smooth, a little slow
"He smokes weed, does E, coke, almost every drug in the book."

"Yeah, he's a rust bucket"
by Limberly July 01, 2006
A very nasty toilet that usually has noticeable piss stains and smells bad even though it has been flushed.
"Throw some Mr. Clean in that rust bucket!"
by teh goods November 07, 2009
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