An obese right-wing reactionary hate-radio host and modern Goebbels, whose brand of regressive entertainment is immensely popular with the lowest-common-denominator due to its surfeit of opinion and complete lack of fact and wit.
"Hey, did you listen to Rush Limbaugh?"

"No, but I just stepped in one!"
by Neil2 January 10, 2008
A conversative gasbag who wants an end to science and intelligence; a spoonfed rich boy who things people care about what he says; the opposite of progress; someone who drops out of the army because of a pimple in his ass.
He hasn't worked a day in his life! What a Rush Limbaugh!
by Joseph Frederick November 12, 2006
An unimaginably huge person who has grown so large that he has collapsed into his own anus so that he is now invisible and can only be detectd by the billions of OXYCONTIN PILLS that he sucks in because they cannot escape his gravitational/addictational force. Known for his astute views on sports.
Dude 1: "Excuse me, sir, but don't you think that the NBA is just promoting this LeBron James person because they want black players to succeed? Is he really more talented than many white players?"

Dude 2: "WTF, dude, are you twisted on OXYCONTIN PILLS, or are you just rush limbaugh? Seriously, you better STFU before you get fired off ESPN, dawg. Oops, too late."
by 6079 Smith W March 23, 2005
A man who, as of a few hours ago, lost his job at ESPN. What the hell was he doing on a sports show, anyway?
Rush Limbaugh is a douchebag.
by Anonymous October 02, 2003
A drug-addled gasbag. He has millions of listeners and millions of dollars but somehow is not part of the "mainstream media".
I was listening to that drug-addled gasbag Rush Limbaugh yesterday and he pissed me off so much I chucked my radio out the window.
by Flavin June 18, 2006
a wacko conservative blowhard talkshow host who like's to talk out of his ass.
doesnt rush limbaugh remind you of one of those gay guy's who like's to lay in a tub while other men pee on him?

cheney, bush and rumsfeld just standing around pissing all over him and his little piggly wiggly dick cant get hard, so they have to bring in barbra bush who take's her pearls off and shoves them up his ass, she squats over him and takes off her girdel as her wrinkeled labia drop's down to her knee's. she drops a link into his mouth then his dick gets half hard, a clear bubble forms at the end with a maggot inside, the maggot pops the bubble and run's off and joins a prolife group somewhere.

rush limbaugh is a scat muncher
by bill hick's November 26, 2006
The reason most republicans still need a brain transplant.
Rush Limbaugh would debate God, but he wouldn't want to appear to have a conflict of interest.
by Quido1 February 28, 2009

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