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The characteristics of a statement that after contemplation make it worthy of a lol.
Skip: My friend Adam thinks George W. Bush was a great president.

Frank: Really??? That's lolzy!
by drkato September 04, 2009
The act of purposely disabling the driver and/or passenger seat, so that the seat leans back farther than that which is safe. Often seen in highly populated ghettos areas.
Joe: Check out that dope Olds 88 man. It's 22s and mad bumps!

PJ: Driver sporting the nigga lean too?

Joe: Of course man.

PJ: Sweet.
by drkato September 15, 2009
The tip of human stool that protrudes from the anus because it can no longer be held back due to pressure in the bowel.
Rex: Man I gotta take a crap so fucking bad after that huge lunch.

Sam: Bummer man, you got a peeking rat?

Rex: Oh yeah, the rat is definitely peeking. I'm gonna go find a bathroom.
by drkato September 03, 2009
Slang term used for a basketball hoop.
Shaq took it to the hole strong.
by drkato September 03, 2009
Describes the action of making very quick work of something, most notably, food.
Kevin: Man, this game is going to be off the hook tonight!

Cam: Hell yeahz! But hold up brah. Pull into this Mickey Ds over here right quick. I gotz to rush me a Happy Meal!
by drkato September 04, 2009
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