A movie directed by Ryan Murphy, based on an autobiography written by Augusten Burrough. It tells the story of a young man growing up in a crazy family in the 70s.
I thought running with scissors was a great movie
by redcomrad February 15, 2007
Top Definition
Doing things your own way putting convention to the side.
"He's running with scissors on that one to create something completely unique."
by rescuederek January 03, 2006
Doing something dangerous and reckless. Doing something forbidden due to the potential danger in it.
"You know your running with scissors acting like that, right ?"
by Kotlar Ben July 10, 2008
Living on the edge often with a little bit of a strange, quirky, humorous and spontaneous type personality but otherwise normal enough to blend in with most crowds.
I like running with scissors in my hand..haha.
by honestguy87110 April 30, 2010
A way to text some one that you are getting high or are high without actually saying so directly. You know you shouldnt do it but its so much fun when you do.
Stoner:"Duuuude, im totally running with scissors right now!"

Lame Friend:"Isnt that bad or illegal or something?"

Stoner:"Ya, something like that... but its fun so i do it anyway
by J ROCK x7 July 24, 2010
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