A game that is played by People with no life
Kyle Altman is a Runescape fag
by jsells317 August 13, 2011
Too many people grow too addicted to this game It chews things up and spits 'em out. Every account that starts will one day be banned, and many people have gotten banned accounts, some people are so obsessed that they cry about it, others say, "Oh, well, it was getting boring anyways..." But that's usually not the case. Everyone I know who has gotten addicted to runescape lost friends and other things because of this wretched game, I give great advice to all who play runescape, STOP PLAYING IT!!!! Parents don't even know what they're kids are saying and learning on there...
Kid gets home from school, sneaks upstairs to play runescape. Mom calls for dinner.
Mom: Dinner!
Kid: Mom, let me finish this up on runescape!
Mom: O.K. Five more minutes!
Kid writes on runescape: My mom is a living devil, I g2g soon, For, "dinner"
Long time later
Mom: I said it's dinner time
Kid: Mom, i'm almost done
Mom comes up and turns off computer
Kid: Mom, i hate you and im never looking or talking or listening to you again!!!!!!

End of Story...
by C Low September 22, 2006
A massive multiplayer online adventure game (MMORPG) by Jagex Ltd. This game seems welcoming, and fun at first, so many things you want to explore. But I give you a fair warning, DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME!!!! Once you begin, you will not stop! It must use subliminal messaging, because there is no way this game could be as addictive as it is without subliminal messaging! Once you begin playing, you will put on weight, notice a drop in grades, and find yourself thinking about it constantly, some people have addictions so bad that they actually cry whne they have lost something in the game, and one day, you will look back, and kick yourself in the head for not spending your time doing something productive! PLEASE KEEP OFF RUNESCAPE!!!!!!
Two years of my life have been wasted on Runescape!

If crack was a video game, you could call it Runescape!

by Runescape is bad! August 26, 2006
legal alternative to crack-cocaine
coEMon MOm I NeEd diS P2P oN ruNeScapez!!!1!!1

by moobies1 April 13, 2006
A massive online adventure game created by jagex. highly addictive, fun and some times annyoing.
many people play this game. nearly 2 million i have heard(uncomfirmed). the #1 runescaper is zezima. he has 99 of every skill in the game.
Runescape, once you start you can't part
by Guru222 November 09, 2005

1. To go all out sexually, almost rape-like but with consent.

2. To pound or drill into ones sexual partner, usually done by the male, or dominant male.

Other uses:
On the set of an orgy scene:

Chad (Before penetration): "Let's runescape this bitch!"

Jenny, to her best friend: "Eric totally runescaped me last night. I was bleeding!"

Allen: "Dude, I can't talk on the phone right now! I'm being runescaped!"
by AntZnPhatJ December 14, 2009
An awesome MMORPG (Massive Multi Player Online Game) that is very addicting. I'm not going to tell you not to play it, it is very fun. Just remember, it CAN ruin your life. My girlfriend and I almost broke up because of it. I would spend weekends at my friend's house just playing at ALL THE TIME. We would not eat or sleep, just play. The best part about it was the Wilderness, a place where you could pk (player kill) other players. It was really fun, and now they have pk worlds.

It's not hard to quit, it's just hard to realize that you SHOULD quit. After playing for about 4-5 years, I quit for about 2 years. I recently started to play again, and it is still pretty fun. Just learn how to manage your time.
Real Runescape Convo (Not a paid advertisment):

Dylan: Wanna go outside?
Tyler: Are you fucking high?
Dylan: lmao no i was jk'in.
Tyler: rofl...nub


Dylan: Wanna pk?
Tyler: Fuck yeah, tele varrock.
Dylan: Ok my world.
Tyler: Fuck that mine.
Dylan: ...K
by c town down February 09, 2009
A okay game at first its really exciting but after a while you'll still like it and play it but not as much. mostly when you're boared and have nothing to do. You shuldn't play it unless you have a decent amount of friends because it will lessen you're interests in finding new friends to hang with when your boared.
if you have nothing better to do than play video games your best choice is to play runescape because you'll never be boared
by John February 28, 2005

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