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Term used in the fighting game community to describe a rematch.
Also a verb.
n. Last time they played, Tim got bodied by Steve, but I think Tim's going to win the runback on Friday.

v. Oh shit, Fuudo and Latif are going to run it back next week?
by UncleGary July 15, 2012
25 0
1. In the sport of curling, when you raise a stone outside of the rings directly back onto a stone inside of the rings. This is a difficult shot to execute, and is usually attempted when a come-around is not available.

2. A segment in the podcast "The Curling Show," where host Dean Gemmell asks the guest to respond in "one to three words" about a particular name or topic (he is often very liberal with the word count!).
Hart really stuck that runback! Great shot!
by jazzace September 13, 2009
6 4